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Pasta with Annalisa

Groups of at least 7 p are welcome to book this activity. This is the perfect activity for everyone who loves pasta. Annalisa teaches you the art of making authentic Italian pasta. The pasta sauce is made with vegetables from our garden. Make the pasta in the morning and enjoy it for lunch on our terrace. Number of participants 7-14 p.

Vinprovning rött vin

Chianti Classico deep dive

Groups of more than 7 p are welcome to book this private tour. Chianti Classico is an area where some of the best wines in the world are made. Learn more about the history, the winemaking and the terroir during a tasting that dives deeply into this wine district. We start in the vineyard and continue to the cellar among tanks and oak barrels. The tour ends with a tasting of four wines, our olive oil and selected charcuteries in the private wine cellar of the Villa. This tasting is organized for groups of 7-14 p.

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Bröd med olivolja

Extra Vergine Olive Oil Tasting

Groups of more than 7 p are welcome to book this tour. Olive oil from Tuscany is known to be green, tasty, peppery and very special. Learn all about how we make our award-winning olive oil and what Extra Vergine actually means. We start in the olive grove and finish with a fun and informative tasting. The number of participants 7 -14 p.

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Picknick lunch med sallad bröd charkuterier och vin

Picnic Lignanello

Pick up a picnic basket filled with seasonal treats in our restaurant. With the basket you get a map showing the way up to the estate's oldest building, Lignanello. Enjoy the breathtaking view of rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards while enjoying the goodies in the basket. A bottle of wine is included. The walk takes about 30 minutes and is sometimes steep. The basket is to be returned to the restaurant.

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Vinflaskor uppställda för vinprovning

Organic wine – what is it?

Groups of at least 7 p are welcome to book this private tour. All Terreno wines are organic. Learn more about organic winemaking and what it means to make natural wine. The tour starts in the vineyard continuing into the wine cellar among tanks and barrels. We finish with a tasting of two organic wines in the vineyard. Number of participants 7-14 p.

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