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Olive oil

At Terreno we make an award winning olive oil. The olive varieties used are typical for the area and the flavour is concentrated and aromatic with a grassy and peppery finish.

We have planted our olive trees with the intention of giving a taste as intense as possible. We have 3,500 trees, and each tree produces about 1 litre of oil.

The olives are hand-picked and when the harvest is over, the olives are pressed into oil as soon as possible. The oil is then bottled, unfiltered of course, and sold to you. In this way, the natural aromas and nutrients are conserved. A healthier olive oil is not to be found!   

For an olive oil to be called extra virgin, there can be no additives. Our oil is extra virgin and what’s more, it is organic. We think that is the best, both for pasta dishes and for the environment!

Terreno Grappa flaska

Terreno Grappa

Our grappa is the perfect to a perfect meal.

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Terreno Chianti Classico DOCG

Our Chianti Classico is made by hand althrough.

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Terreno ASofia flaska

Terreno ASofia Chianti Classico DOCG

Expresses beautifully the terroir of Terreno, harmonising with the very best Sangiovese.

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