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Vinsanto del Chianti Classico DOC

The Sacred Wine of Tuscany.

Vin Santo is produced with the highest respect for tradition and craftmanship. The grapes are harvested by hand and are then hang-dried. When the sugar level measures 340 g per kg, after about 100 days, the grapes are pressed and matured in small barrels, caratelli, of either oak or chestnut. The barrels are filled to 80% leaving room for oxygen and the desired oxidation. Since the entire vinification is in the barrel the pressure sometimes gets high. That is why we close the opening with cement and then leave it for at least 5 but preferably 7 years.

Vin Santo is very close to our hearts and we produce only a limited edition. Sweet wine has been made in just this way here in Tuscany for thousands of years.

Vinlagring i ekfat

The vineyards, mostly on terraces, face south/southwest at 350 m altitude in the Greve Valley. The Galestro soil is rocky with elements of slate.

The grape bunches are harvested by hand into small baskets and then hung up to dry. After about 100 days, the sugar content is more concentrated and the grapes are ready to press. Fermentation and ageing in small chestnut barriques for 5 years, then in the bottle for 1 year.

The wine
In a colour of amber, this wine scents of honey and toasted nuts. The taste is full of dried fruit and fresh acidity. Elegant finish.

Food pairings
Biscotti, apple pie with vanilla mascarpone, Gorgonzola.

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