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il Momento di Terreno

A wine for every moment in life.

Il Momento di Terreno is a ruby red wine made from Sangiovese. Rich and medium-bodied with a refreshing taste of red berries. Fruity and floral with hints of Tuscan herbs on the nose. The taste of sun-riped cherries and violets turns into a finish of expressive spice. Honest and well balanced!

Il Momento is an honest wine that reflects the terroir. A wine that brings enjoyment of our Tuscany to everyone.

– Sofia Ruhne

Tell us about the idea behind Il Momento di Terreno.
I was seven years old when we first came to Terreno. Then it was mainly for a beautiful house in a beautiful area with a traditional vineyard. From there we have gone from being curious observers to respected Tuscan winemakers. 30 years later, it was time to share our Tuscany to new friends and therefore to launch a new wine – il Momento di Terreno.

What kind of a wine is it?
It is an honest wine that reflects the terroir in a nice way. For us, il Momento is the expression that gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a good Tuscan wine.

How is it best enjoyed?
It is a wine for every moment in life. Hence the name “il Momento”, ‘the moment’ in Italian. Every moment is the right moment for il Momento!

What does it pair with?
Il Momento is a versatile wine that goes well with many dishes and flavours. In the Summer, it is a perfect wine with grilled vegetables and cheese. I enjoy serving it a little cool, in an ice bucket in the garden of the villa. During the Autumn and Winter try it with both chicken and tasty pasta dishes.

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