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World-class wines where innovation and tradition meet in the same bottle

Making quality wine is a craftsmanship in interaction with nature. Our wines reflect the area's natural conditions and traditions with a focus on Chianti Classico, while curiosity also have led us to create wine completely outside the box. All wines are certified organic.

Our wines

Terreno Chianti Classico DOCG

Our Chianti Classico is made by hand althrough.

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Terreno Riserva flaska

Terreno Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG

Our Riserva is a generous Chianti Classico - enjoy it with a true Tuscan meal.

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Terreno ASofia flaska

Terreno ASofia Chianti Classico DOCG

Expresses beautifully the terroir of Terreno, harmonising with the very best Sangiovese.

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Terreno Momento Massimo flaska

Terreno Momento Massimo Super Tuscan IGT

Our highly anticipated Super Tuscan is made only from the best vintages. The 2015 vintage is released in November 2019.

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Terreno Bianco Professore flaska

Terreno Bianco Professore IGT

Our white prestige wine is a Tuscan flirt with France.

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Terreno Petit Verdot flaska

Terreno Petit Verdot IGT

Influences from Bordeaux in combination with Tuscan craftmanship.

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Terreno Pino Nero flaska

Terreno Pinó Nero IGT

Enjoy this grape from Burgundy cultivated in the cold nights of the Apennines.

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Terreno Grappa flaska

Terreno Grappa

Our grappa is the perfect to a perfect meal.

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Terreno Il Momento flaska

il Momento di Terreno

A wine for every moment in life.

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Terreno Bianco di Stella flaska

Terreno Bianco di Stella

Our organic white house wine.

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Terreno Bianco di Stella flaska

Terreno Rosato di Toscana IGT

A taste of Tuscan Summer in our Rosato di Toscana.

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