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About us

“I have made a rough calculation of how much wine you will need. I understand that there are six of you in the family so I reckon 5,000 litres will suffice for your personal use during your first year at Terreno.”

With these words began our new life as winemakers. The man who uttered these words was signor Biffoli, the archetype Italian winemaker and previous owner of the estate. In his opinion, the calculation was perfectly reasonable; we were not entirely convinced, but were happy for the 5,000 litres to enjoy. We had no doubt, however, of Terreno’s potential. The fact that grapes had been grown in this very soil since the days of pre-Christian Rome, attested to the vineyard’s capacity to produce wines of the highest quality.

Tradition and innovation– in the same bottle

With Terreno’s position at the heart of Chianti Classico, just north of Greve in Chianti, to keep making the Chianti Classico wines that had earned the region its name, seemed only natural. And so,
in 1988, joining Italian winemaking tradition dating back thousands of years and Swedish innovative thinking, we took over the production.

Today, our production includes five red wines, four of which follow the traditional Chianti Classico style. Eventually, to sate our thirst for experimentation and push the boundaries of our winemaking abilities, we started toying with the idea of making a “Super Tuscan”. After years of trial and error, the Momento Massimo was born; a bold, modern take on Tuscan winemaking. A recent addition to our assortment is the Bianco Professore; a white Super Tuscan with one foot in Italy and one in France. Made from predominantly French grape varieties grown at our vineyard, this fresh, complex wine offers a structure surprising for an Italian white wine. We also make a prize winning extra virgin olive oil; a mild, classic grappa; as well as the traditional dessert wine Vin Santo, a staple of Tuscan winemaking since the 15th century.

High ambitions make all the difference

There is a myriad of factors that affect the character and quality of a wine. The most important being the location and conditions in which the grapes grow and mature, the manner in which they are harvested, pressed, aged and finally blended. We believe, however, that our ambition plays an equally important part. We are dedicated to producing organic wines of the highest quality.

The Terreno estate lies in the heart of the Chianti Classico wine district, by the village of Greve in Chi- anti, just 25 km south of Firenze. In 1988 the Ruhne family from Sweden acquired the estate and have since then committed themselves to improving the quality of Terreno’s products. Terreno, set amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany, covers an area of 150 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and oak and chestnut forest. Archaeological research on the site has unveiled evidence that viticulture and olive farming were practiced here as long ago as 46 ad. Our annual production is about 100,000 bottles, a quantity that we intend to keep in order to maintain and improve the quality of our wines.

5,000 litres of wine for six

And as for the former owner’s calculations, we have to admit he was right. With the help of good friends and even better food, those 5,000 litres were up well before the end of the year, and the same has been true nearly every year since. If you come and visit us, you’ll see why.

Welcome to Terreno! / The Ruhne Family